Monday, November 13, 2006


Visited Steve the fabricator today. The frame is almost ready. I confirmed I would fix the bell using a 16mm eye bolt from which the clapper would hang. As a temporary arrangement which might be all I ever do I will hang a chain from the eye bolt and link to a 60mm wrought iron ball. Steve had a suitable iron ball to which he will weld loops for the chain and a lanyard. The whole clapper arrangement will cost less than £5! A lot cheaper than a bespoke clapper which would be required if the bell was installed in a building for regular use. The frame is to be sent for black powder coating this week and should be ready for collection soon. Masonry drills and bolts for fixing to concrete paving have been acquired so I am ready for intallation when I get the call to collect.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bell Frame

Visited New Forest Fencing this week. Told them I was thinking of mounting my bell on a pair of hardwood posts. They advised me to consider a frame made of boxed steel. I met the Fabricator or metal worker. He suggested a simple frame that could be bolted to the paving made from 70mm square steel posts welded on to square steel bases. The bell would be secured by an eye bolt from which the clapper could hang. I agreed that he should make the frame which I will collect in about 2 weeks. I now need to obtain a clapper. A professionally made bespoke clapper which would be required if the bell was to be installed for regular use in a building would be expensive. For the time being I just want a simple clapper arrangement that will allow me to ring the bell occasionally. So I am on the look out for a suitable clapper!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Stolen goods?

An interesting reply from Beaumont School:

Dear Peter,

Many apologies for the delay in replying. Whilst the bell could originate from this School (founded 1888) my guess is that it is more likely to have come from Beaumont College, our one-time senior School, closed in the 60s and now a Hayley Conference Centre. Having said that I recall mention that we were a bell short at one stage (as you can tell I am no expert at this) and, indeed, we took delivery of a new one last year (see photo). I will try and do some more research on this and come back to you.


Tim Blad

So was there a missing bell? Is it mine?

To be continued........